Workshop Overview

Cyberinfrastructure (CI) is a critical component of NSF facilities. As this CI grows in scale and complexity, it is essential for the facilities and CI communities collectively explore how to most effectively provide and sustain its essential components and services to meet current and future needs. This proposal request funds to support the 2017 NSF Large Facilities Cyberinfrastructure Workshop on September 6 and 7, in Alexandria, VA. The overarching goal of this activity is to enable direct and synergistic interactions among the NSF large facilities and the Cyberinfrastructure (CI) communities to jointly address the CI needs and sustainability of existing and future large facilities. We aim to achieve this by developing a common understanding of the current and evolving requirements, architectures and best practices, enabling technologies, operation practices and experiences, and issues and gaps.


  • Understand current CI architecture and operations best practices at the large facilities.
  • Identify common requirements and solutions, as well as CI elements that can be shared across facilities.
  • Enable CI developers to most effectively target CI needs and gaps of large facilities.
  • Explore opportunities for interoperability between the large facilities and the science they enable.
  • Develop guidelines, mechanisms and processes that can assist future large facilities in constructing and sustaining their CI.
  • Explore mechanisms and forums for evolving and sustaining the conversation and activities initiated at the workshop.
  • Generate recommendations that can serve as inputs to current and future NSF CI-related programs.

September 16-17 in Alexandria, VA